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Title: he loves me. he loves me not.
genre: um idk..angst? slight crack? breakup...
pairing:Broken! kihae, eunhae, kihyun
notes!: the italisized sentences are eunhyuks thoughts.

Donghae was loungeing in his room waiting for his beloved boyfriend when he heard a loud crash from the kitchen followed by a very loud "Shit!"  Donghae smiled knowing who it was and that person was about to get pounced on by the flying fishy! donghae steadied himself and ran in a full out sprint down the hallway, past the other members and screamed.  the boy made a leap at the man from behind. donghae landed on the persons back with all limbs around the body so he could stay up. he gently placed a kiss on the others cheek and went," hi bummie! i missed you so much that its completly unreal!" he nuzzled the youngers neck. kibum frowned and leaned his head back to try to tell his his boyfriend something very important and completly failed beasuce as he attempted, he accidently smacked their two heads together in agonizing pain. donghae fell on his butt and held his eye."ow~! bummie you smacked my eye with your head!" donghae pouted.

kibum on the other hand was in a really bitchy mood and snaped."well hyung maybe if youy acted you age maybe i wouldnt have done that! you really need to grow up! your really pissing me off with these things! you should act more like kyuhyun!  he may be the youngest, but he's alot more mature than you!" kibum fumed.
donghae was tearing up and stood up and got in the youngers face and started yelling."YAH! if you like kyuhyun so much better then why are you still with me? oh wait or are you cheating on me with litttle mr.perfect? it would'nt suprise me! you think your so cool because you act, sing and have your smile! well you know what! " ,kibum darted to his room and donghae followed with everyone staring at the two fighting with fear, donghae continued,"i act this way because its who i am! and if you cant accept that then you cant love me for who i am! so tell you accept me or am i just a toy?"donghae was now crying, no he was sobbing.

he hated the fact that they were fighting. he was so scared of his worst nightmare.his nightmere was those two horrid words 'It's over.' but he prayed that it wouldnt come true.kibum stoped in his tracks and turned towards the older who he saw was crying. "lee donghae i cant stand you! you are the most immature, childish, stupidest person i have ever met!" kibum stopped grimiced at the sight of donghae and whispered into the frighted older's ear, and said,"its.over." and just like that kibum turned away and went into his room with a slam of his door. donghae fell to the floor in a full out sob. leeteuk and eunhyuk came to the rescue and cooed him and held him. donghae tried to speak through his sobs."h-he..doesnt love me!" he inhaled sharply and contuned to sob.

"leader-sshi, ill take him to my room. he can sleep with me tonight. i have enough room." eunhyuk picked donghae up and failed so he got kangin's help and moved the sobing fish-boy into eunhyuk's room and placed him on the bed. Eunhyuk went and fetched donhae some pajamas and when he came back about 10 minutes later, he saw the sight of his best friend sleeping soundly in the olders bed. eunhyuk smiled and pulled the covers up a little further so the broken boy wouldnt be so cold. but he stopped and stared at his face. he noticed how red his skin was around his eyes and how his cheeks where stained with his salty tears.eunhyuk was dressing for bed.

'donghaes face should never be red like that ever unless he is giving a light blush and his face should never be stained with tears unless they are from happiness.'

eunhyuk finished dressing and went back to the bed and noticed that donghae was awake agian and crying. eunhyuk lay next to him under to covers. donghae instantly cuddled close to eunhyuk and sobbed continusly on the older mans pajamas.eunhyuk wraped his arms around the younger in a soothing embrace.

"shh~. it'll be okay hae. im here." donfhae looked up and stared into the others eyes. eunhyuk looked deep into the eyes of his bestfriend and could see all the happiness and dorkyness that had been replaced with sorrow and neglect.

'i know it hurts,but noone cant love you as much as i do,not even kibum'

"e-eunhyuk no it w-wont! he doesnt love me and he cant even stand me! didnt you hear him? he said its over!" eunhyuk only got bits and peices of that because it was between choked back sobs.

"dont listen to him. its just a new begining. just go to sleep and ill be here. i promise i wont ever leave." donghae looked at the boy and nodded an 'okay'.

the two boys cuddled closer. eunhyuk placed a kiss on donghaes stained cheek.

the two fell dozed off and didnt move at all durring the nights sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~Next morning~~~~~~~~~~~

eunhyuk woke up to the sound of pots banging and laughs and giggles from the members out in the living room. he rubbed his eyes and looked over and smiled and saw the cute dongseng huddled agianst his chest in a peaceful sleep. donghae moved and wokeup with a groan and a rub to his eyes."ow." he grunted. '

of course your eyes hurt hae.. but i bet you hurt hurts worse. i wish i could mend it.' 

"morning hyung" donghae smiled a fake smile.

'dont try to hide your sadness because ill always be right beside you.'

"morning donghae." he grabbed the youngers hand and pulled him off the bed to look to see how presentable he looked. he gazed at donghaes messed up hair and sideways pants and buttoned flannel pajamas and thought that he couldnt be cuter."good you look presentable...but what about me?" donghae tried to speak but it came out hoarse and painful. he clutched his throat and tried to clear it but it made it only worst. but he obeyed and looked to see if the other was also presentable. his hair is a mess, his clothes are baggy and the usual flannel and he had on cute socks that had green animated radishes on them." look great hyung." he scratched out. eunhyuk smiled and got hae's hand and they both went into the livingroom where all the othe members where piled into.

'really you do. if only you knew that i CAN accept you they way you are.even if you are childish and your hair looks like vomit clashed with a birds nest. im always here'

everybody stopped their talking and staried and donghae, then looked down and resumed to their activites. eunhyuk  and donghae took a seat next to sungmin on the couch. kibum looked at donghae and rolled his eyes and continued to talk and play video games with kyuhyun. donghae looked at eunhyuk and eunhyuk looked at him. hae's eyes began to water. "you okay hae?" donghae shook his head and silently sobbed on eunhyuks shoulder. sungmin looked at eunhyuk with a scared worried look in his eyes and patted the crying boys head.eunhyuk got up and took him back to the room so he could cry in peace without everybody trying to comfort him.

he ran in and layed on the bed and sobbed. eunhyuk went over and rubbed his back."donghae-ah, im going to go get you and i some breakfast and some medicne for your throat.okay?" donghae didnt look at the older and just nodded with his face burried in the matress.

~~~In the kitchen~~~

eveybody was sitting down at the extreamly large table chowing down food when eunhyuk came in and grabbed the two empty plates and got food from around the table. everybody was eating and talking about their dreams and what their duties were for the day exect for three people. their wasnt of course donghae and eunhyuk, but the person missing was kibum. eunhyuk sighed and went to leeteuk.

"teukkie-umma wheres the sore throat meds?" leeteuk frowned and bit his lower lip.

"he's that bad?" eunhyuk nodded.

"their in the cabnit above the sink in the main bathroom."

"thanks hyung!"

eunhyuk went to the main bathroom and paused when kibum exited the bathroom. kibum gave a light smile. eunhyuk brushed it off and kibum walked past him. "YAH! kim kibum! get your ass over here!" kibum grimiced and obeyed because he couldnt disobey his hyung.
"kibum you are the biggest jer-no ASS HOLE! of the century! if i ever catch you near donghae agian there will be consiquences! how could you break him? your just a selfish bastard!" kibum rolled his eyes,"whatever, eunhyuk" and walked away into the kitchen. eunhyuk followed him."YAH! who do you think you are kim kibum!?" he yelled with all of super junior+m staring at the two boys.
"i think im going to sit down and eat in peace. so you can go shove it up you tight little ass." everyone gasped. eunhyuk smacked his plate of food down and it fell to the floor with a loud CRASH! "fuck you! you broke donghaes heart and im not okay with that! also, do you think your more mature because of the way your acting? your being as childish as an eight year old!"

kibum smirked. everybody was intensly watching the boys fight. then kibum replied." hyung dont be all pissy at me because i broke it off with donghae. plus everybody here knows that the only reason your pissed is because you love donghae and you cant see him get hurt!" eunhyuks body shook with pure fury. he raised up his hand and smacked kibum right across the face as hard as he could and apologized to everyone and left, not forgetting the medicine and food.

heechul whispered to sungmin and hankyung,"holy shit he really said that to eunhyukkie?"

~~~Back in the room~~~

"here you go hae!" dong hae was sitting straight up and staring at the door when eunhyuk came back in with the food and meds.

donghae just stared at the other boy, and finaly spoke in his raspy voice,"y-you love me?"

A/N: the italisized sentences are thoughts from eunhyuks head of what he is feeling.
         hoped you liked it!
Tags: eunhae, kihyun g:super junior, p:broken!kihae

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